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Introducing Extreme Retail Select

Propelling Retail Innovation with Cloud-Powered Networking Solutions

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In Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

Your Future Destination: Autonomous Enterprise

In the digitally transformed future, Autonomous Enterprises have the power to challenge the status quo and provide truly impactful, next-generation human experiences to their users.

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Extreme Connect 2020 is a week-long event providing informative sessions, live demos, and solid recommendations for enterprise technology planning.

This is How Extreme Networks Enables Digital Transformation

Take advantage of a diverse range of Extreme Networks solutions, all built to maximize the effectiveness of your network and create a long-lasting partnership.

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Extreme Networks offers a wide selection of instructor-led and self-paced technical courses.

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A modular approach to technical certification training focused on practical, hands-on learning.

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Read the reviews from other networking professionals on where Extreme Networks ranks in services support, customer experience and overall product capabilities in data center networking.